My team and I wanted understand why Drivers were cancelling E-Hail job offers but loving Prebook job offers, so we set out to do the following:

  • Work with the data team to gain further insights
  • Do field research by going to the driver's office and speaking with them directly
  • Survey Drivers in all our cities
  • Competitor analysis

The problemS we found

  • Current distribution of job offers is inefficient because Drivers receive only 1 offer at a time, so they are choosing to switch to 'busy' and preferring to use our Prebook feature where they can plan jobs around their day
  • Drivers feel forced to accept jobs even if they're inconvenient to passengers (distance, traffic, one way routes etc.) because they lose their Priority status which gives them access to Prebook
  • The alert sound for new job offers stresses Drivers because it's too loud and they can't turn it down/off
  • Data showed a large number of Drivers cancelling E-Hail job offers particularly during peak times causing demand to exceed supply