Acceptance Criteria: As a business administrator that has just signed up to Hailo for Business, I land on the Admin Portal and immediately need help as I don't know where to start. I would like to be properly on-boarded by going through an introductory tour that helps me understand what this tool is about and how I can use it.

  • Disjointed MVP: The Admin Portal was an MVP built by engineers without any design input. So, although initially the team were good at selling the idea and acquiring huge and important clients like Twitter, Amazon and RBS, the data showed what was really going on - stagnant accounts after 'we helped sign them up' because administrators were unable to perform crucial tasks on their own
  • Is this Hailo? The MVP lacked purpose and identity
  • Help! The Hailo CS team were inundated with calls from administrators that needed help signing up and creating their accounts
  • Where's the money? An inefficient product meant we were missing out on big bucks! 
  • Competitor analysis:  What could I learn from them and what were they doing better
  • Research: I spend time observing administrators to understand their goals, needs, motivations, anxieties, etc this guided me towards the areas that needed improving
  • Redesign all the things!: The Hailo for Business product suite was fundamentally incoherent. To achieve our business goals I started by redesigning the Sign Up flow by improving the navigation, making sure everything was consistently presented and that all the links and CTAs were well labelled and obvious. I worked closely with engineers to make sure it worked across platforms and most importantly split Sign Up into segments for our different business customers (Admins, Concierge, Biz Passengers). I also redesigned the entire Admin Portal, creating a more consistent UI and visual design and made sure the engineers fixed any bugs that were blockers. Part of the redesign included creating a helpful on boarding tour that was informative, sped up the process and made sure the path from start to finish was clearly defined throughout
  • Impact on KPIs: The new design and copy should create trust with the Administrators, helping them build a positive relationship with the Portal and Hailo. Administrators should feel empowered and able to do something they didn’t think they could do before. The redesign will provide a sense of success/achievement/accomplishment as Administrators interact with the new Portal. Conversion, GMV, number of help requests, waiting times, etc of the service will be improved as a direct result of the redesign